Amateur Radio Station PD4NK

Operator Remi from Groningen, The Netherlands; JO33gf90.

Currently only on the 70cm and 2m. Trying to pick up basic electronic skills. Tot hoorns!

Member of the local club, meaning I can receive QSL cards by bureau.

Current station

Information and pictures of the radio are on a separate page (contains images).

QTH: JO33gf90

How I got into amateur radio

I guess it started when an old collogue at an internship, Jan-Karel, gave me an rtl-sdr stick, I guess in 2016. Not knowing about amateur radio bands I only used it for listening to the 11-meter band, on which I basically received nothing. (After listening to a Dutch documentary about it (2doc.nl) in 2015, I was pretty enthusiastic about the 11-meter as it was in the 'glory days' of experimenting. It seems PD3VKF, the main interviewee in the documentary, is now silent key.)

On the 22th of August in 2017 I met PA5AM (pa5am.nl). He quickly introduced me to amateur radio after I first met him at the student association. We started talking when he saw my SHA2017 (sha2017.org) (computer 'hacker' camp) wristband. A few months later he talked me into signing up for the exam, and gave me a handheld to listen to repeaters to keep me motivated.

I've got my General/Novice license since May 2018. This is thanks to the VERON Novice-exam study book and ham-radio.nl.

On software freedom

The amateur radio community could focus more on the use of "free" software, meaning software which the user is allows run, study, change, and share. Free software allows us to tinker and share our knowledge with the community. The amateur radio community is great at turning down proprietary hardware which doesn't allow tinkering, while not paying much attention to the restrictiveness of software. In the age of SDR's software starts to play a big role in the community as well, we should focus on using softwarew which allows for knowledge sharing and tinkering.

Don't get confused by the term "free". This is a matter of freedom, not price, so think of “free speech,” not “free beer.” For more information see gnu.org.

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Contact info is on my formal site remireuvekamp.nl.