Amateur Radio Station PD4NK

Operator Remi from Groningen, The Netherlands; JO33gf90.

Currently only on the 70cm and 2m. Tot hoorns!

Member of the local club, meaning I can receive QSL cards by bureau.

Current station

Information and pictures of the radio are on a separate page (contains images).

QTH: JO33gf90

How I got into amateur radio

I guess it started when an old collogue at an internship, Jan-Karel, gave me an rtl-sdr stick, I guess in 2016. Not knowing about amateur radio bands I only used it for listening to the 11-meter band, on which I basically received nothing. (I was pretty enthusiastic about the 11-meter as it was in the 'glory days' after listening to a Dutch documentary about it (2doc.nl) in 2015)

On the 22th of August in 2017 I met PA5AM (pa5am.nl). He quickly introduced me to amateur radio after I first met him at the student association. We started talking when he saw my SHA2017 (sha2017.org) (computer 'hacker' camp) wristband. A few months later he talked me into signing up for the exam, and gave me a handheld to listen to repeaters to keep me motivated.

I've got my General/Novice license since May 2018. This is thanks to the VERON Novice-exam study book and ham-radio.nl.

Other pages


Contact info is on my formal site remireuvekamp.nl.