Old, 2018, station

QTH: JO33hf09

Icom IC-E2820 using a Diamond X30 antenna and 20 meters of Aircell 7 coax cable.

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Antenna used is a Diamond X30 standing on a parasol base. The cable is routed on the pitched roof on the back of the house, and enteres my room by the pitched window on the same roof.

Image of the back of the house, showing the cable being routed.

Image of the front of the house, showing the X30 being visible. No angry neighbours yet.


Second hand Icom IC-E2820 working great. It can do 50w, but I only use it with max 15w because I'm not allowed to work with 50w of course.

Showing the IC-E2820 base together with other stuff.

The small circuit for the microphone, housed on a breadboard. I used the circuit on N1GY's website. (Image also shows a potmeter which was temporarily there for experimenting with the speaker output of the radio.)

Picture of the desk, showing the controller head of the radio, the home-made microphone (those third-hand things for soldering are really great for other stuff as well), and at the bottom right the PTT button is shown.