Old, 2019, station

QTH: JO33gf90

Icom IC-E2820 using a Diamond X30 antenna and 20 meters of Aircell 7 coax cable. I'm living in a student room, so things are a bit improvised. The antenna mast is on the third floor (four is you count the ground floor, it takes three stairs to get to it). Luckily I've got access to a personal balcony on the second floor (third if you count the ground floor), so it's easy to get the cable to the top balcony.

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The antenna on the balcony. It's supported by two or three mast parts (picture shows it with two), which are around 1.2 meters each. The mast is only up when I'm using the radio. I would not want angry neighbours. (And don't worry, the picture was taken before I properly secured the coax.)

The antenna as viewed from my personal balcony (on the second floor).

For pictures of the radio and desk, view the page on my old station. It's basically the same.